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Design by M. Dubin

This Series can expand into as many books as you need!

  • Pricing starts at 205.00 for 2 books in series

    Pricing below for minimum of 2 books

    EBook - 205.00 + 95 for each additional EBook cover

    Full Cover -235.00 + 100 for each additional Full Cover

    EBook & Full Cover - 275.00 + 125 for each additional EBook/Cover set.

  • Return Policy

    We will do our best to work with you until you are happy with the final result. 

    See Terms & Conditions.

    As these are digital files, all sales are final. 

  • Expandable Series

    This series can expand into as many volumes as you need!

    When ordering, please specify the colours you would like by way of email.

View options and pricing details below
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